My Holistic Skin Care Journey

The last several months have been a time of incredible transformation for me, both personally and professionally. With the move of my business, I have had to do some serious soul-searching to get really clear on what I’m passionate about and how that translates to my career.

After nearly 6 years of devotion to Dermalogica, I have decided it is time to move on. While I still have some product on-hand, I will not be placing any new orders with them, and will be transitioning to a completely holistic approach to skin care.

Holistic skin care focuses on reducing inflammation and encouraging the skin’s natural healing process with the assistance of plants, herbs, oils, massage, and crystals. While it may sound “hippy dippy”, I can say that I’m seeing results in the treatment room and my own skin that far surpass anything I ever accomplished with chemical peels and machines.

My personal holistic skin care journey began while attending a 4-day educational retreat in January. I noticed that my skin looked terrible in comparison to the 20 other women in the room, so I decided to test all the “hippy dippy” notions for myself.

Plants, herbs and massage? How can that possibly work better than all the intense exfoliation and my green tinted primer? I had learned that Rosacea was a life sentence that only got worse with age and that the only effective way to prevent aging was to aggressively exfoliate.

30 days later, I was able to ditch my tinted primer!

So, now I’m 3 months in, and my skin is the healthiest it has ever been! I got a terrible sun burn while at another educational event (more on that later), and my skin was able to heal itself practically overnight!

This “burn” was unlike any I’ve experienced in the past – and I’ve had a lot of terrible sunburns. It never hurt – not once, not even a little – and it never peeled!

So how did it heal so fast? My best explanation is that my skin is well nourished with antioxidants, and that my barrier function is working properly. Because I’m no longer putting any chemicals, preservatives or harsh exfoliants on my skin, its natural defense system was able to do its job.

Other things that definitely helped were the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage I was receiving daily at the training, Laurel WPO products (especially the anti-inflammatory serum), white jade, gua sha, a healthy diet, and lots of rest.

I hope that you will join me in learning about the daily miracles our bodies perform. And I especially look forward to assisting your skin, body and spirit in finding a better state of being.