Skin Treatments

Rebecca’s Offerings

Skin Analysis/Product Consultation


Meet with Rebecca for a thorough skin consultation and product education.


Initial Visit: Holistic Skin Treatment


First time clients of Rebecca’s must begin their Bloom journey here. Because the way we work with the skin is so dramatically different from what you have experienced in the past, we feel it is crucial for you to understand what we are doing and why. ¬†We begin with a thorough discovery session to better understand how we can work together to achieve your best skin ever and follow with the life-changing Holistic Skin Treatment. This is the beginning of your very own skin care revolution!


Holistic Skin Treatment


For returning clients, only, this 90 minute treatment will transport you to another plane and transcend all your expectations of a facial. Each visit is customized for your specific needs that day and will incorporate the use of a variety of advanced massage- based lifting and firming techniques, including manual lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, Access Bars, Dien Chan Zone, Connective Tissue Massage, and more!


Tune Up – Not for first time clients


The Tune-Up is designed to prolong the results of regular Holistic Skin Treatments. Rebecca will incorporate a variety of techniques including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Access Bars, Gua Sha, Dien Chan Zone, and Connective Tissue Massage.


Thai Herbal Poultice

+$20 to the cost of your skin treatment

**Not a stand-alone service** An absolute game-changer, the Thai poultice uses both potent herbs and heat to melt away muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, and reduce inflammation. Add the Thai Herbal Poultice massage to a Holistic Skin Treatment Or Tune-Up. You will get to take your poultice home for further creative use.

Advanced Modalities

Gua Sha

A Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modality that utilizes a gemstone tool to gently lift, firm, and sculpt the face. Gua Sha works with the lymphatic system and the energetic meridians to give and instant lift and luminosity to the face.

Thai Herbal Poultice

Potent herbs are wrapped in muslin then steamed and used as a massage tool that not only stimulates the lymphatic system, but eases muscle tension and takes down inflammation. The heat and aroma combine to produce a deeply soothing massage unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

**Face and Neck, Only**
The gold standard in lymphatic drainage, the Vodder technique is a gentle touch massage that creates a slight traction on the skin to stimulate the lymphatic vessels to drain. This slow, rhythmic massage also does wonders for the nervous system and will lull you into a deep state of relaxation that will continue to work for 72 hours post-treatment.

Dien Chan Zone

While not nearly as well known as foot reflexology, this technique is highly effective at assisting our bodies in finding balance. Also a useful tool in discovering the source of imbalance through face mapping, this is a deeply relaxing treatment the can be incorporated into a facial or received as a stand-alone service.

Access Bars

An energetic modality that uses 32 points on the head to release us of limiting beliefs and blockages. This is a “defrag” of the brain that will transport you to another plane. Also incorporated into facials or received as a stand-alone, this technique opens us up to all that is possible as infinite beings.

Connective Tissue Massage

A highly effective technique for releasing adhesions in the connective tissue that keep our skin and body from realizing their optimum function. This massage will plump and lift, release expression lines, and move out underlying stagnation.